150 Girls and Boys Arrested in Night Party

150 Girls and Boys Arrested in Night Party

The head of the Sowme’e-Sara police announced that more than 150 young girls and boys were arrested in a night party held in Sowme’e-Sara city. Sowme’e-Sara is a city in and the capital of Sowme’eh Sara County, Gilan Province, Iran.

“The party was organized via online invitations and held in Pamchal salon. Officers of Sowme’e-Sara police arrested 150 young people while they were dancing and moved them to the main police station. Most of the arrested people freed but six of them and the manager of Pamchal hall are still detained. According to the judicial decree the hall is officially closed.” said Freydoon Aghaei, head of the Sowme’e-Sara police.

“Boys and girls who participated in this night party were coming from Gilan and even other provinces. Their families were not aware of this party. I recommend families to control their sons and daughters in Internet space. We have also discovered alcoholic beverages during our deep investigations.” Col. Freydoon Aghaei added.

According to the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranians are not allowed to plan and organize mixed parties. It should be noted that drinking alcohol and having mixed parties in Iran is considered to be punishable crimes.

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