40% of Iranians are Overweight

Iranians are Overweight

The new studies show that 40% of Iranians over age 15 are overweight and this may lead to severe health issues for this category of people. According to this survey, average daily usage of salt in other countries is less than 5 grams while Iranians consume 10 to 12 grams of salts a day.

During the recent years the food consumption patterns of Iranians have been totally changed and they use more fat, sugar and starch in their food baskets. This had several negative effects on community including in growth of obesity in the country. Also more people are suffering from related illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The greater availability of fast food and junk food had also escalated conditions in Iran.

Local analysts recommend people to follow the principles of good diet and encourage people to use more bread, vegetables, milk and balance their meat consumption. A group of experts have asked the government to ban the usage of foods which offer no nutritional values.

It’s good to know that in 1988, Iran was one of the top seven countries with the highest rate of childhood obesity.

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