Abdolsamad Khoramabadi: Iran Restricts Gmail to Block YouTube

Iran Restricts Gmail to Block YouTube

Iranian government has restricted access to Gmail, email service by Google, during the recent days. According to an official of Internet filtering committee in Iran, the mentioned restriction is because of the anti-Islam movie broadcasted by YouTube. However Google refused its role in directing and producing this film.

“The recent interruptions in Gmail are planned for blocking YouTube. We had previously blocked access to YouTube but base on our information Google redirects clients to Https based version of YouTube. Accordingly users are able to bypass the blockage set by filtering committee. So we decided to block Https based services by Google which include YouTube. Unfortunately Google is using the same protocol for its mailing service, Gmail. Note that we are not intended to block access to Gmail.” Abdolsamad Khoramabadi said.

“The reason for taking this action against Google’s services is simple. Executives of Google refused to remove the insulting movie from YouTube service and we received many requests from Iranians to fully block the video sharing service of Google.” Khoramabadi added.

The government announced that the current restrictions will continue until the further notification. Users are suffering from this blockage because they cannot browse Gmail and open their emails.

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