Abu Qatada Cleared of Charges

Abu Qatada the radical Muslim preacher was acquitted of all terrorism charges by a court Jordan. In 2013, Qatada had been deported from the United Kingdom to the Middle East nation.

On Wednesday, a court in Amman the capital city of Jordan, found the cleric not guilty of charges of plotting terrorist attacks on Israeli and Western targets inside Jordan during the millennium celebrations in 2000.

Qatada had been accused of providing his spiritual support through his different writings to those people alleged to have plotted the actual attacks.

The cleric, who is 53, was cleared as well in June of conspiracy to attack an Amman-based American school.

Abu Qatada was involved for over a decade in a legal battle with the government of the United Kingdom, as ministers of the UK tried on repeated occasions to have the radical cleric deported back to Jordan.

The ministers wanted the Muslim cleric to face charges brought against him in his homeland, but judges said in decisions they made that they were concerned the cleric could face severe torture if he were repatriated.

After Jordan and the United Kingdom signed a 2013 deal that stated evidence gathered against the cleric that was obtained by deportees from the UK back in Jordan could not be used, Theresa May, the British Home Secretary secured the clerics deportation back to Jordan.

A Home Office spokesperson told reporters that it was right that due process of the law had taken place back in Jordan.

Abu Qatada had been granted asylum in 1994 by the United Kingdom but officials quickly decided that he was a big security threat in the country.

He was called by British judges a very dangerous individual and at the center of the terrorist activities in the United Kingdom that were associated with the terrorist group al-Qaeda.

Officials from the UK insist that the cleric will not be allowed back into the country.

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