Ahmad Shirzad: Conservatives must Accept their Failure

Ahmad Shirzad, member of 6th Iran Parliament

Ahmad Shirzad, member of 6th Iran Parliament, criticized the activities of conservative parties for the upcoming presidential election and urged them to accept their mismanagements during the last eight years. The nuclear program of Iran has turned into a big issue for the country and politicians blame Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government over their policies on this subject.

“Reformists face with many restrictions for the next election. However officials of Iranian government and the other authorities deny this fact. I believe conservative and reformist are the two main political parties in Iran but currently we don’t see any notable activity by reformists because they are suppressed by government. The current political makeup of hardliner groups and conservative parties is not acceptable. Their coalitions have many differences from their comments.” said Ahmad Shirzad, reformist activist.

“Taking the power after disastrous eight years is a big risk. But reformists know the ways to solve the current internal and external problems of Iran, as we have proved it on Khatami’s era. Iranian government must try hard to provide facilities for reformists parties to take part on the next election.” Ahmad Shirzad added.

The next presidential election in Iran is scheduled to be held on the next Persian year. Because of the incidents happened after the last presidential election, top officials of Islamic Republic decided to ban reformist parties. A group of activists and politicians believe these parties don’t have any chance to win this election.

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