Aid Convoy from United Nations hit in Homs Area

On Saturday, a convoy of aid came under gunfire in an area of Homs that is besieged by rebels. The attack threatened an operation that is led by the U.N. to bring much needed medicine and food to more than 2,500 people and to evacuate other civilians who are trapped by fighting in the city in Syria.

SARC, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent said that mortar fire had landed near the convoy and shots had been fired at their trucks wounding a driver in the convoy.

As many as nine of the U.N. and Red Crescent vehicles remained in the city for a number of hours after nightfall when the explosions hit, but the team was able to leave just before 10 pm local time leaving only two damaged trucks behind.

Although the convoy became under fire and shelled upon it managed to deliver more than 250 parcels of food and 190 chronic disease and hygiene kits, said a group spokesperson.

Authorities in Syria blamed the rebels for the attacks, but leaders of the opposition quickly accused the regime in Syria for the attack.

The violence now threatens to unravel the humanitarian deal in place for Homs, which was the first solid result of the talks in Geneva held over two weeks ago in an attempt to bring an end to the three-year crisis.

The conflict has caused millions to flee their homes, while killing over 130,000 and devastating entire districts of cities in the country. Homs has been hit hard due to the protest starting there in 2011. The protest grew out of Arab Spring and was against the nearly 40 years of family rule by the Assad family. The country is currently run by President Bashar al-Assad.

At the peace talks in Geneva, which are set to resume Monday, Lakhdar Brahimi the international mediator has pushed for an agreement for additional humanitarian aid deliveries as well as releases of prisoners, hoping that the progress on those fronts could increase momentum to address the much more contentious questions of a political transition.

Sunday is the final day of three in a ceasefire that was agreed upon to allow the aid in and the civilians to be moved out.

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