Air Raids in Syria Kill More Than 14 Civilians Each Day

An activist group in Syria says that air raids by the government have killed close to 2,000 civilians just this year in Aleppo the largest city in the country.

The group, the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights announced on Friday that 283 women and 567 children were amongst those killed in the city located in northern Syria, which is an opposition stronghold.

The group relies on contacts and others that are on the ground in the city and said the figure amounted to 14 civilians per day killed from January 1 through May 29.

One of the Observatory’s members said the continuing violence would make it impossible to hold fair and free presidential elections as planned on June 3.

The spokesperson for the activist group said how can there be an election held for a president that is killing his own people including nearly 600 children over the past few months in just one city of the country.

Over 160,000 people have lost their lives in the civil war in Syria, which started just over three years ago when President Bashar al-Assad responded to protests with force.

Fighting in Aleppo has been intense. The city is divided between rebel and government forces.

Helicopters and planes from the government forces started an intense campaign of bombing last December using often times barrel bombs that were crudely built that cause widespread indiscriminate destruction. The use of those bombs had been condemned by many rights groups.

A resolution by the United Nations Security Council that was adopted in February of this year demanded amongst other things, a halt of attacks in Syria on all civilians, as well as the aerial bombardment and shelling in areas that are populated.

Human Rights Watch, which is based in New York, said in March that satellite imagery it used identified over 340 places that were controlled by the rebels in and around Aleppo that were damaged between November of last year and February 20. The vast majority of those places bore signatures of the type of damage that is consistent with the use of barrel bombs.

Aleppo was once the country’s commercial hub, but is now just ruins of building thanks to both the government and rebel forces taking their own areas.

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