Airstrike by Israel Kills Palestinian Militants

An airstrike by Israel in the Gaza Strip has killed two Palestinians. The two killed on Friday were confirmed dead by Palestinian medical officials.

The army in Israel announced via a prepared statement that the two men were involved in the launching of rockets into Israel over the past week, as well as other rocket attacks over the past few years.

The two dead were Mohammed Fasih who was 23 as well as Osama Hassumi who was 29. Both men were from the Gaza Strip’s northern area of Beit Lahia.

A spokesperson from the Israeli military said that militants that attack Israel from inside Gaza do not hold immunity and will not be able to plot, plan and operate. He added that Gaza terrorism through rockets does not pay.

Radio station of Hamas in Gaza reported that both men killed had been members of the Popular Resistance Committees a militant group.

Witnesses saw an aircraft from Israel fire one or possibly more missiles at a car while it was driving inside Shati a refugee camp that is to the west of Gaza City.

Maan the news agency of the Palestinians described the airstrike as a targeted assassination and the first by Israel since a unity Palestinian government was formed with Hamas in early June.

Tension between Gaza militants and Israel has risen since the alleged abduction of three teenagers June 12 in the West Bank.

Gaza militants have over the past two weeks fired over 30 rockets in Israel. Israel intercepted five of the rockets before impact, said a statement released by the Israeli army.

One of the rockets shot this week did not make it into Israel and killed a 3-year old child in Gaza.

Israel this past Thursday released the names of the suspects in the abduction of the three Israeli youth. The two were said to be Amer Abu Aysha and Marwan Kawasma both from Hebron and both operatives in Hamas.

Neither of the two operatives has been located since the abduction of the teens while they were hitchhiking.

Officials from Hamas voiced their approval of the kidnapping, but have not clamed any responsibility.

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