Airstrike in Syria, by Israel Creates More Tension in Region

Israeli officials announced on Saturday that an airstrike against Syria had targeted a missile shipment it believed was headed for Hezbollah the militant group based in Lebanon.

The strike was the second this year by Israel in Syria and the latest in its long running attempt to disrupt the quest by Hezbollah to increase its arsenal in order to build up an arsenal that is able to defend against the air force of Israel and spread its destruction inside the country.

The latest strike comes as officials in the U.S. are considering their response to intelligence indications that the regime in Syria might have used some of its arsenal of chemical weapons against rebels in the ongoing civil war.

President Obama described Syria’s use of such weapons as crossing the red line and the White House administration is now weighing what options it has, including military action.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel repeatedly warned over the last few weeks that Israel was prepared to take its own military action if Syria used chemical weapons or other types of arms that might reach Hezbollah and throw out the balance of power.

Officials in Israel said the air attack took place early Friday and had been aimed at sophisticated weapons, but not ones that were chemical in nature. One Israeli official said it had targeted a shipment of long-range ground-to-ground missiles.

They would not say where they had attacked or if the air force had carried it out from airspace in Lebanon or Syria.



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