Airstrikes by Israeli Kill Syrian Soldier

On Wednesday, airstrikes by the Israeli military against military posts in Syria in the Golan Heights have killed one Syrian soldier and wounded at least seven others.

This is the most serious escalation that has taken place between the two countries that border one another since the civil war in Syria broke out over three years ago.

The Israeli airstrikes were in retaliation for the roadside bombing at a strategic plateau that ended up wounding four soldiers from Israel on Tuesday.

Both Israel and Syria issued warnings following each incident. The army in Syria said a repeat of the airstrikes would put in danger the entire Middle East stability, while the Defense Minister of Israel Moshe Yaalon warned Bashar al-Assad the Syrian President that if he were to pursue a path that would harm Israel, his actions would be regretful on his part.

The military in Syria said the airstrikes targeted three military posts near Quneitra, a town on the edge of the Golan Heights that is occupied by Israel.

The military in Israel announced that its warplanes struck targets of the Syrian army hitting a training facility, headquarters of an army unit and artillery batteries on Wednesday. Israel earlier carried out a number of artillery strikes on military targets inside Syria after the bombing on Tuesday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the air force from Israel had hit strategic posts near Nouriyeh and Kom.

The army in Syria said the airstrikes by Israel were its desperate attempt to worsen and escalate the current situation and divert the attention from the advancements made by the military in the war.

Tuesday’s roadside bomb and the airstrikes on Wednesday were just the latest in a number of incidents recently along the volatile borders of Israel.

Last week, a bomb along the roadside exploded close to a patrol of Israeli military along the border with Lebanon, causing no casualties. Earlier in March, the army in Israel said it had killed two militants that were linked to Hezbollah, the militant group from Lebanon fighting alongside the government troops of Syria.

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