Al-Qaeda Declares Jihad in India

Al-Qaeda is now in India, said the terror group’s leader in a Thursday video, vowing that its members would bring Islamic law throughout the entire subcontinent waging jihad against all its enemies.

Three states in India and possibly more that have large populations of Muslims were put on alert following the release of the video, reported local television stations.

However, there were no new signs of an increase in security.

Ayman al-Zawahri the chief of al-Qaeda said the effort to place the group in India through gathering mujahedeen has take two years but it is now one entity on the subcontinent.

While the comments made by the al-Qaeda leader raised concerns within India, the message seemed to be directed in a large part at rivals of his in the jihad movement internationally, and with increasing the profile of al-Qaeda following success of late by its splinter group Islamic State.

Al-Qaeda is becoming overshadowed more and more by the group, whose fighters have taken control of large areas in Iraq and Syria and have executed two journalists from the U.S. in the past three weeks.

On top security analyst in India said al-Qaeda was struggling to find legitimacy in the radicalized Muslim world.

He added that Osama bin Laden was killed and the entire al-Qaeda top leaderships with the exception of Zawahri and a couple of others have been killed by drone attacks by the Americans.

The statement made by al-Zawahri used the Indian subcontinent, a term most commonly used to refer to Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, and the comments were seen as being directed toward India, a nation that is largely Hindu with a large minority of Muslims.

Al-Zawahri said al-Qaeda in India, known as Qaedat al-Jihad would fight to get Islamic states and laws across the entire region, which was part of the territories of Muslims prior to the infidel enemy occupying it.

Essam Omar is the new group’s leader and he said that Hindus and Jews, who he said were apostates of India, would watch with your own eyes your destruction.

He said the fighters would storm the barricades with cars filled with gunpowder.

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