Al-Qaeda Organization Releases American Suicide Bomber on Tape

Jihadist Group Al-Nusra Front from Syria, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda released a video that has the U.S. citizen who carried out a suicide attack inside Syria. The man is believed to be the first citizen of the U.S. to carry out such an attack in Syria.

The man is Moner Mohammed Abu Salha a citizen of the United States from the state of Florida. While in Al-Nusra he used the name Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki that means Abu Huraya the American.

He was amongst four men from Al-Nusra who took part in suicide bombings in the Idlib province against army positions on May 25.

Dozens of people were killed and many more wounded though an exact number of total casualties was never released.

In the video of 17 minutes about Abu Huraya’s life and death, the American, who was 22, appears smiling as well as saying he was looking forward to being in heaven.

He said he heart was not at peace in this world but he would be able to rest during the afterlife.

He spoke on the video in broken Arabic. The video was posted on YouTube by the group.

In the video, he is sitting with three other jihadists who are allegedly the other bombers who killed themselves the day he did.

One was identified as being from the Maldives. The American talked about his life prior to and since arriving in 2013 in Syria.

Law enforcement and officials in counterterrorism from the U.S. confirmed the bombing and identified the American.

Abu Salha’s parents are the owners of a Florida grocery store. His father is Jordanian and his mother is an Islam convert, said local media outlets in the U.S.

Syria was plunged into a bloody civil war when peaceful protests against the Assad regime in 2011 descended into brutal violence.

Over 150,000 people have lost their lives while millions of others have become refugees in neighboring countries or displaced from their homes.

The opposition to the Assad government is a loose coalition of different groups of whom some such as Al-Nursa Front are openly Al-Qaeda affiliated.

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