Algeria Gas Plant Attack Included Two Canadians

Officials from Canada have confirmed the reports that two of their citizens from London, Ontario were involved in the attack at a gas plant in Algeria carried about be terrorists in January. The two young men had been friends in high school in Canada.

The two men, both in their early twenties, were Ali Medlej and Xristos Katsiroubas. The two were part of the attackers that ambushed the natural gas plant killing workers and taking hostages. Authorities confirmed that the two were amongst the 29 militants killed by Algerian forces. The terrorists killed 38 hostages during the attack.

Members of the families of the two men were informed by Canadian officials that both had been involved in the attack at the plant and both had been killed when Algerian forces stormed the plant to rescue the hostages.

London, Ontario police said an ongoing investigation is taking place amongst other law enforcement agencies in the country including with CSIS and RCMP – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The law enforcement agencies are trying to determine if any other citizens of Canada took part in the attack.

The police are interested in determining the link the two men had to the Algeria terror cell. Some sources have said that the two men had two friends also from London that had travelled with them last year and are still living abroad in an unknown location.

Algeria officials reported in late January that one or more Canadians had taken part in the raid on the gas plant. Because of that, law enforcement agencies in Canada sent their representatives to the nation in North Africa. The identities of the two men were later confirmed by using a DNA analysis and fingerprints.

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