Ali Larijani: The Real Inflation Rate in Iran is 29%

Chairman of the Parliament of Iran, Ali Larijani

Chairman of the Parliament of Iran, Ali Larijani, criticized the current economic conditions in Iran and revealed the real number of inflation rate.

“According to the official statistics and reports, real inflation rate in Iran is 29% and sometimes the number will go further.” said Ali Larijani talking to students of Tehran University.

“We have many problems inside and outside of the country. The case of nuclear program and exterior pressures on Islamic Republic of Iran are among issues created by foreign countries for Iran. From the economic aspect we are currently experiencing a big challenge. The current unemployment rate of Iran is 14% which is unacceptable. We can reduce the number if we continue the developing plans.” Ali Larijani, Majlis Speaker, added.

Larijani also criticized the role of¬†International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Iran’s atomic case. He believes this independent organization is now dependent to Western countries including United States and its European allies. Iran is developing peaceful nuclear program but United States and Israel say this plan has turned into military purposes. Base on this, United States has set financial restrictions and sanctions against Iran which caused many economic and politics issues for the country.

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