American Businessman Detained by Iran

An Iranian-American has become the fourth arrested by security forces in Iran as the Islamic Republic starts implementing a nuclear deal that it struck with the world’s powers according to news reports.

Siamak Namazi, a Dubai-based 40-year old businessman, who has spent the majority of this life advocating for better ties between Iran and the U.S., was arrested two weeks ago while in Tehran visiting relatives.

His detention has come as a freedom group on internet said a Lebanese citizen who is based in Washington disappeared recently while in Tehran on a trip.

Officials in Iran and its state media have not made any comment regarding either case. There was speculation that some want to carry out negotiations for a prisoner swap with the United States for others that held inside the country, like Jason Rezaian the detained reporter from the Washington Post.

Namazi’s father is an oilman who was well to do prior to the Iran revolution and left the country in 1983.

Namazi and an older brother were both born and raised in the United States. He acted at one time as a liaison for businesses from the west that wanted to do business in Iran through a business he created in Iran and left back in 2009.

He has been accused in the past of being a regime apologist long saying that the sanctions should be dropped against Iran.

However, it appears he had a falling out with hard liners from the Revolutionary Guard who have been suspicious of him for quite some time.

Babak Namazi his brother works for an international law office in Dubai. He is also believed to be inside Iran and perhaps attempting to arrange the release of his brother.

Namazi is head of Crescent Petroleum Co’s strategic planning in Dubai.

Namazi’s arrest was not commented on by the U.S. State Department directly, but did say they were aware of reports recently of a U.S. citizen being arrested in Iran and were looking into those reports.

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