American Fatally stabbed during Protests in Egypt

A student from the U.S., Andrew Pochter, was stabbed to death in Egypt on Friday during one of the many protests taking place against current President Mohamed Mursi.

Pochter was working as a teacher for an organization that is non-profit prior to entering his junior year of college.

The U.S. State Department confirmed that Chevy Chase, Maryland native Andrew Pochter had been killed after he was stabbed during a protest in Alexandria, where protesters against the government stormed a Muslim Brotherhood office.

On Saturday, a post on Facebook, that appeared as if it were from the Pochter family, suggests the university student was teaching English to school children, while improving his own Arabic.

Members of where he worked in the non-profit organization said Pochter was in Egypt because he profoundly cared about the region and had planned to live and work in the Middle East.

His colleagues added that Pochter was a great young man trying to find different ways to share the talents he had, while learning from others at the same time.

Officials in Egypt said Pochter had been carrying a camera but they are still not clear why he was at the protest.

He was to enter his junior year at Kenyon College in Ohio this fall and had plans to study in Jordan this spring.

Muslim Brotherhood officials reported that on Friday they had eight offices attacked. Officials said more than 70 protesters were injured in the clashes with security forces.

This is all ahead of the massive rally scheduled for Sunday with the goal of unseating Mursi.

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