Analyst: Most of VPN Users in Iran are Students

Most of VPN Users in Iran are Students

As Iran is observing a great surge in Internet usage, government has increased the Internet censorship and most of famous and social network websites are officially blocked in country. In this case, the usage of methods of bypassing these blockades has been increased dramatically during the recent years. Iranians buy VPNs, Socks and other tools to bypass the restrictions made by government.

Ali Akbar Jalali, IT analyst, believes most of VPN users in this country are students. “Iranian students have many difficulties in accessing to Internet. Many problems such as high cost of Internet services, low quality and speed of connections, filtering popular websites are among issues these students are experiencing.”

“Students can tolerate the mentioned problems but when it comes to blocking certain websites they become angry and they have zero-tolerance on this subject. So they try to bypass the restrictions applied by government via utilizing VPNs and other methods.” Ali Akbar Jalali added. He also believes if government blocks only a few websites which really annoy the Islamic Republic of Iran, the number of VPN users will be decreased significantly.

A few weeks ago, Iranian government blocked Gmail to protest against anti-Islam film broadcasted by YouTube.

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