Analyst: Persian Social Networking Websites have Low Quality

Persian Social Networking Websites have Low Quality

Mohammad Tehrani, IT analyst, believes the Persian social networking websites have low quality because Iranian users don’t ‘share’ and ‘like’ useful contents.

“Most of the major and popular social networking websites (including Facebook and Twitter) are officially blocked in Iran. So clients must use different ways and techniques to bypass this applied blockade. Anti-filters, VPNs and Socks are among the famous tools to bypass Iran’s filtering.” Mohammad Tehrani said.

“Utilizing anti-filters is a kind of crime in Iran and law prosecutes the users who try to bypass filtering. So the number of scammers in this field has been increased dramatically, because people cannot file complaint against scammers who sell anti-filter tools.” Mohammad Tehrani added. He also expressed his worry over the personal content and information that Iranian users share on their public profiles. “I think Iranian users must increase their awareness over the risks involved with sharing personal content on social networking websites. Some users believe this kind of websites is completely virtual world but sometimes they turn into real worlds and may cause major troubles.”

Tehrani also criticized the quality of contents which shared by Iranian users. “Sharing low quality contents in social networking websites by Iranians are one of the largest problems in Persian society. In other countries people use this communication channel in professional ways.”

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social networking websites are officially blocked by Iranian government.

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