Apple to Report Earnings Today

Wall Street analysts are not expecting any big surprise from Apple this afternoon when it reports earnings for its 2013 last fiscal quarter.

Sales should be up slightly from the same period a year ago and earnings down, the first time in over a decade that income has dropped for three straight quarters.

Analysts also expect that guidance for the quarter of December should be modestly positive.

However, beyond those numbers, Wall Street is looking for more. Just two years since founder Steve Jobs died, Apple investors are looking for assurance that CEO Tim Cook knows his stuff.

Apple will not be talking about new products and concerns about the long term vision of Apple will be on hold.

The company has fallen behind in 2013 in the iMac and iPhone 5 and this year on the iPhone 5S. The new iPads are still up in the air as to whether they are equal to their predecessors.

Many have perceived the iPhone 5C to be too high priced, the same, as with the iPad, however, maybe Apple knows better.

The iPhone that was low cost that investors were looking for did not materialize, which has caused it to not be competitive in emerging markets making it continue to earn most of its profits from the richest markets in the world.

China Mobile continues selling loads of smartphones, but none of them is the iPhone, did Apple go wrong there, is a question many are asking about its presence in China.

The analysts invited to participate in the conference calls from the company do not always ask the tough questions that need to be asked about the long-term future of the high tech company.

Everyone will be waiting to see if Apple makes any surprises Monday afternoon with this earnings report.

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