Arab League Looks to U.S. to Salvage Middle East Peace Talks

This week, the Arab League called upon the U.S. to keep its efforts up to salvage the peace talks in the Middle East that are nearing collapse. Foreign ministers from the Arab League blame the crisis in the peace talks on Israel.

At the same time, Washington said it was reevaluating its role in the peace negotiations.

At a reunion of foreign ministers from the Arab League in Cairo, the group said Israel was the responsible party for the situation that is facing the peace negotiations. The group cited Israel’s failure to release Palestinian prisoners as a major reason the talks have nearly collapsed.

A statement released by the Arab League said it called upon the U.S. to continue the efforts of resuming the peace talks that obligates Israel to implements its commitments within the agreed upon time frame.

At the same time, the foreign ministers of the Arab League renewed their support and commitment to giving monthly aid in the amount of $100 million to the Palestinian government run by President Mahmoud Abbas.

The ministers urged that Arab governments that were falling behind with payments to the Palestinians to quickly come up with their money.

The latest pledge by the Arab League comes during a time when the peace talks, brokered by the U.S. between the Palestinians and Israel are sputtering. Abbas called for the meeting in Cairo to secure political and financial covers as the relationship he has with Israel continues deteriorating.

The negotiations the U.S. has brokered fell last week into crisis after Israel failed to live up to its promise of releasing another two dozen prisoners.

Abbas’ response was to sign 15 international treaties, including the Geneva Conventions’ on occupations and conduct of war. The move was a defiant one that angered Israel and took the U.S. by surprise.

John Kerry the United State Secretary of State had hoped a peace deal would be in place before April 29. He said Friday that Washington decided to evaluate whether the U.S. should continue its roles in the peace talks.


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