Archeologists in Argentina Find Secret Jungle Hideout of Nazis

A crew of archeologists found stone structures deep in the jungle of Argentina close to the Paraguay border with coins from Germany dated in the latter part of the 1930s, as well as Nazi symbols on the structure’s walls. The location is believed to be a hideout made by leaders of the Nazi’s in case they needed to flee Germany.

Inside the structures made of stone, which are only reached by using machetes due to being covered in vines, archeologists found coins, porcelain fragments of which had “Made in Germany” on them.

The archeology group’s leader Daniel Schavelzon said the only explanation they could find to why those structures were built where they were built and at such great expense and effort, in a sit that even then was completely inaccessible, away from the community, with material, which is not typical of the region, is for Third Reich hideouts.

Schavelzon a researcher from the University of Buenos Aires worked for months were the site was located in Teyu Cuare Park, in northern Argentina.

Local myths said the house belonged the right hand man for Adolf Hitler Martin Bormann.

In 1945, Bormann took his own life and according to the archeologist there was not any evidence to support that, Schavelzon instead insists that the structure had been built as a Nazi leaders refuge if they had to flee Germany.

Schavelzon told a newspaper in Argentina that Nazis had a secret program that emerged during the war to build shelters in remote areas in the event they were defeated.

Schavelzon said inaccessible sites existed in deserts, a cliff, in the mountains or in jungles such as this one.

The archeologist said the findings were not definite but he has been convinced of them being legitimate.

Schavelzon said that the site had been strategically chosen allowing inhabitants to cross into Paraguay in only 10 minutes.

However, Nazi did not end up requiring the site as they were allowed into Argentina and given the freedom to live openly with the blessing if Juan Peron the former president.

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