Ashton Visits with Mohammed Morsi ousted Leader of Egypt

The Chief of Foreign Policy for the European Union has met with Mohammed Morsi the ousted President of Egypt, said her spokeswoman.

Catherine Ashton met with Morsi Monday night for two hours. The two held lengthy discussions.

It was not known where the meeting took place, but Morsi has been held by military forces since they overthrew the government July 3 following days of countrywide protests.

Ashton’s visit has come only days after over 70 supporters for the deposed president were killed during clashes with the military.

The former leaders’ allies have announced they have planned a massive protest for Tuesday in Cairo and the current interim government warned that if laws were broken in the protests they would be dealt with firmly.

The security officials now running the government have threatened to end the main protest that consists of a sit-in near a mosque in the northeast part of the capital, where on Saturday, deadly clashes took place.

Ashton is just the first high-ranking official outside of Egypt that has met with Morsi since his ouster. Ashton asked to visit with him in early July during a previous visit to Egypt’s capital city during the ongoing crisis, but that meeting never transpired.

A report said Ashton was taken to her meeting with Morsi by a military helicopter, which suggests that Morsi might be held outside of Cairo.

The Muslim Brotherhood and allies insist that Morsi must be put back into power and they are determined to continue with their protests until he is restored to power.

However, the current interim president has made it clear that the clock cannot be turning back to before July 3, the day Morsi was ousted.

Ashton was also able to meet with General Abdul Fattah el-Sissi, the head of the armed forces in Egypt.

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