Assad Says Turkey Helped Terrorists in Syria

Military as well as logistic support by Turkey turned out to be a key factor in the takeover by extremists of Idlib, said Bashar al-Assad the president of Syria. He blamed Ankara as well for the ceasefire plant by the UN failing in Aleppo.

Idlib is a city near the border with Turkey and was captured in March by a coalition of Islamists groups, which included Nusra Front a group linked with al-Qaeda. According to Assad, the biggest factor in the provincial capital falling was the big support that arrived through Turkey military support logistical support and financial support through Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

During an interview with a newspaper in Sweden, Assad commented on the upcoming effort by UN envoy Staffan de Mistura to prepare another round of talks over peace by consulting with interested parties.

Referring to countries, including Turkey that are hostile to his regime, Assad said that de Mistura is aware that if he were unable to convince the countries to stop the support of terrorists and allow Syrian to solve their own problem, he would not succeed.

Assad accused its neighbor Turkey as well of ruining the proposal of de Mistura to establish a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons in Aleppo. Assad says the Turks told factions – terrorist groups they support and supervise – not to cooperate with the UN envoy.

Rebel groups located in Aleppo did not accept the UN proposal March 1, saying the truce had to cover other cities in Syria as well.

A spokesperson for the foreign ministry of Turkey said that claims that armed forces that come from Turkey participated in the offensive in Idlib is not true.

Although soldiers loyal to the Syrian regime hold the majority of the population centers as well as key areas in Syria, the army has relied partially on militias that are pro-Iranian and on Hezbollah fighters to maintain their advantage.

The extremist group Islamic State is in control of huge areas of northeast and east Syria having taken control from rebel groups. There are other regions near Damascus and to the far south that are not in government control.

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