Assad: War Is to Crush Terrorism

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria said the war is needed to crush terrorists in his country before any solution politically can take place to end the ongoing crisis in his country.

His comments dimmed any hopes of a peace conference taking place any time in the near future.

In a speech in Damascus, Assad gave praise to his military for their recent gains across Syria and said the country could finish off the insurgents within months.

Assad said he needs unity from the entire country to turn back the others and restore stability and security to the country. That way, he said terrorism could be terminated.

For over two years, the president has battled the revolt against his government, which has now turned into a full-fledged civil war.

After it looked as if his forces were near defeat, he has been able to push back the rebels, with the help of Hezbollah from Lebanon. He pushed rebels out of the capital, out of Homs and other regions as well.

The United Nations, the U.S. and Russia are all working to attempt to convene a peace conference in Geneva between Assad’s government and the different opposition groups.

Russia is an arms supplier and ally of Assad and along with ally China, has blocked a number of resolutions of the UN Security Council presented by powers in Europe and the U.S. to impose sanctions on Assad.

Diplomats from the UN said it is becoming more and more unlikely that a conference will happen soon, or at all.

Assad said that politics and terrorism were opposites. Assad and his government refer to the many different rebel groups fighting to oust him as terrorists.

The Assad family has been the rulers of Syria for over four decades and he has remained steadfast for the entire conflict.

As battles from the war take place in the perimeters of the capital city of Damascus, he goes ahead carrying out his day-to-day duties as the president.

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