Attack in Jerusalem Raised Fears of Unrest

The killing in Jerusalem of a girl who was three months old by a car that rammed into a train stop crowded with waiting passengers, has raised concerns in Israel that violence could grow. The driver of the car was a Palestinian.

The tragedy caused conflicting responses from officials in Israel on both sides of the peacekeeping process, highlighting the differences running through the governing coalition of Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister.

Jacob Perry the Science Minister in Israel and a former Shin Bet security agency chief said police forces must be increased by the government to quell the unrest hitting Jerusalem before it is able to spread across the West Bank.

Perry also said the standstill diplomatically between the government and Palestinians has helped to fan turmoil, as are the attempts by Israeli activists to settle in neighborhoods that are Arab in the city.

Perry said a diplomatic horizon must be maintained because lack of hope and despair strengthens those who have carried out and will in the future carry out terror attacks.

Perry is a member of the Yesh Atid party that supports a state for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Naftali Bennett the Economy Minister, whose party Jewish Home is opposed to a Palestinian state, says that Israel needs to respond by building more settlements for Jews in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

He says the Israelis need to declare we are here and not leaving and are building more. He called on Netanyahu to give the approval for that type of construction.

The train stop attack followed a number of months of violence in Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, including battles with police, the hurling of firebombs and stones at vehicles that are being driven by Jewish residents and the light rail system of the city being vandalized, causing ridership to plummet.

Leaders of the Palestinians say this violence has been driven by the peace efforts failing, which they put the blame on Israel, settlement homes for Jews in the Arab areas of the city and efforts to allow Jewish prayer at a holy site that is contested.

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  1. wavettore says:

    The parabola that this World War of Religion instigated by the Zionists is about to take should be looked over even by the same citizens of Israel.

    If at first it may seem as the Muslims are fighting Jews and Christians joined together soon after the next conflict will certainly be one between Christians and Jews for the Deception on 9/11. Finally, Protestants and Catholics will duel in the end to proclaim One who will “represent” both because of the lack in unanimity for the recognition of the Pope.
    A new King at the top of a virtual pyramid.

    Should this be today the greatest deal that the citizens of Israel wish upon themselves and want to offer to the whole World?

    Time to steer the boat for a new Direction.

    There is no need for another King Herod or for a New World Order.

    Instead there is a need for new understandings and a Change of Culture.

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