Australia Authorities Prevent 230 from Flying to Join Islamic State

Officials in Australia said that 86,000 people have been detained for questioning at different airports across the country in an effort to stop any nationals from joining different terror groups.

Over the last month, 230 people were prevented from exiting the country out of fear they would join one of the radical, militant, jihadi organizations located in the Middle East such as the very prominent Islamic State, announced Tony Abbott the Prime Minister of Australia.

While addressing parliament, Abbott said security forces had stopped 86,000 people at some time for questions at different airports across the country.

According to one report from an Australian news network, amongst those who were prevented from leaving the country was a boy who was just 17 who was attempting to fly from Sydney to Turkey without either of his parents.

He was taken off the flight after authorities had determined that he had been planning to join the Islamic State in Syria.

Authorities removed the 17-year old just six days after stopping two other boys who were also teenagers at the same airport when they were attempting to fly to the Middle East unaccompanied as well.

Counterterrorism agents in Australia said the stopping of the teen that was headed to the Middle East came on the back of two other teens – 16 and 17 year olds – who were also stopped by the counter terrorist officers.

The three teens have since been all released to the custody of their parents while there remains on ongoing investigation into why they were attempting to join the militant terrorist group in the Middle East.

This past December, three were killed by terrorists from the Islamic State in Sydney. In addition, there were many reports of a number of Australian nationals who were leaving the country to fight with the different terror groups across the Middle East.

Many countries are worried about their citizens training with the terrorists and then returning to possibly carry out an act of terrorism in their home country.

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