Authorities in Yemen Claim School Hit by Airstrikes

Officials in Yemen said that airstrikes by Saudi Arabia targeting an area military base hit a school that was nearby on Tuesday, injuring as many as 44 school students.

This information was given by two officials with the Ibb province governor’s office, where the educational institute is found, In addition, from sources with the Houthi, the rebel group fighting to take control of Yemen.

A third informational source with the Ministry of Education located in Ibb said three of the school’s students were killed in Maitam at the Al Bastian School, in an area of southwestern Yemen because of an airstrike.

The governor’s office officials said the military base Al Hamza was targeted due to Houthis sending in reinforcement for Ibb to other provinces nearby. No casualties were reported at the base, said officials, but it had been damaged heavily.

The school, located 500 meters from the military bases was not the target, said officials, Schoolchildren were on their lunch break when the airstrike hit said officials.

This incident is yet one more example of what is becoming more evident of recent; The Yemen chaos now where some of the fiercest fighting across the Middle East is taking place, has left many civilians both locals as well as foreigners caught up in the crossfire.

The civilians that are attempting to escape this violence either through leaving their own homes or the country, have been put into a vortex of fatigue, flight, fear and death.

In the capital of Sanaa, explosions have shattered resident’s windows. The fighting has killed hundreds in fewer than two weeks.

Since this fighting started March 26, 74 or more children have been killed with more than 44 injured, said UNICEF in a prepared statement. That figure does not include children who had been reportedly killed in Maitam on Tuesday near the airbase.

This past weekend a coalition led by Saudi Arabia bombed parts of the Defense Ministry’s Central Command in Yemen in Sanaa, said a Yemeni official.

Despite the raining of bombs, the Houthis remain in control of the capital but airstrikes are taking a big toll on the infrastructure of the city.

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