Ayatollah Alavi boroujerdi: United States is not Enough Powerful to Attack Iran

Ayatollah Alavi boroujerdi

Ayatollah Alavi boroujerdi said Iranians are currently suffering from the sanctions applied by the United States and its allies against Iran, but he believes the best solution to pass these difficulties is following “economy of resistance” defined by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader.

In a meeting with Iran’s Bank Melli CEO, Ayatollah Alavi asked for more supports for local producers and entrepreneurs. “Producers inside Iran can make and manufacture high quality products but we don’t support them. I have seen many traders to import the same products from other countries. This will cause downturn in local economy.”

“Banks and financial institutions must double their observation over banks’ loans. There are many people who are deserved to ask for low rates loans but our banks don’t help them. Beside them, banks should look after Iranian entrepreneurs and fundraise their projects to decrease the unemployment rate in the country.” Ayatollah Alavi boroujerdi reiterated.

Ayatollah Alavi said Iran will not withdraw from its values and policies against Western countries and won’t follow their rules. “We have our own goals and intentions and we will not withdraw from them. I believe United States was the big looser in Iraq and Afghanistan wars and at this moment they are not enough powerful to take military action against Iran. So they are trying hard to target our economy.”

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