Bakhshayesh: Turkey Aims to Support Syria’s Opposition

Member of Iran's Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Ahmad Bakhshayesh

Member of Iran’s Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Ahmad Bakhshayesh said the Turkey is looking to provide support for Syria’s opposition groups so they want to wage a war against this country. Recently the parliament of Turkey ratified an allowance for the Turkish government which allows the country to announce war against Syria. Iranian, Chinese and Russian governments are totally unhappy with this decision.

“Actually Turkey cannot deal with the military power of Bashar al-Assad government so they are seeking help from European and American countries over this subject. Turkey aims to support the Syria’s internal opposition. Israel and Western countries are trying to convince Turkish government to wage a formal war against Syria.” said Ahmad Bakhshayesh, member of Iranian parliament.

“According to statistics, 40 percent of revenue comes from tourism in Turkey and the recent tensions between Turkish and Syrian governments caused domestic instability inside the Turkey which hurt the tourism industry of this country. This has brought a justifiable excuse for opposition parties in Turkey to oppose the government over its reactions and decision.” Ahmad Bakhshayesh added.

Iran is the most important local ally of Bashar al-Assad government. Iran in cooperation with Russia and China are trying hard to keep Bashar al-Assad on power in order to save their own benefits in the region.

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