Beigi: Youth Unemployment is the Major Problem in Iran

Youth Unemployment is the Major Problem in Iran

As the current government in Iran is concentrating more on economic issues, Vice Chairman of the Economic Committee of Majlis believes the most important and major problem of Iranian community is high rate of youth unemployment.

“Today no one is thinking about creating job opportunities for young people. This major problem has been neglected by government and this may result in severe problems for the country in near future.” said Roohollah Beigi, a cleric and member of Iran’s parliament.

The MP also criticized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government for its poor management in currency crisis. “If authorities handle jobs consciously and wisely, this problem can be solved easily. Note that government has enough tools to cope with this crisis.” He also went on to say that if government manages the currency markets accurately, the inflation rate in Iran could be slipped dramatically.

The unemployment rate in Iran is too high in compare to international rates. Government usually doesn’t reflect the true number of this rate publicly but according to unofficial sources, unemployment rate in Iran is more than 25%.

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