Big Losses for Iranian Companies after Blockade of Gmail

Big Losses for Iranian Companies after Blockade of Gmail

Gmail is currently blocked in Iran but government says it is because of filtering YouTube. As Google redirects users to Https version of YouTube, the local government tried to block all the services of Google running on Https protocol. This has caused many problems for Iranian users and companies also report for big losses.

The CEO and head of Bazaar, Android Marketplace for Iranians, recently published a statement reporting the dangers threatening this successful startup in the country. According to the report, more than 42% clients of Bazaar use Gmail for their communications and 55% of them are utilizing Yahoo mail. Local email service providers account for less than 1%.

“We have more than 1,200,000 registered users in¬†Bazaar and more than 42% of them are using Gmail. We issue receipts and other important details to the customers via their email addresses. Blockade of Gmail means losing more than 42% of our regular clients.” said Hessam Armandehi, CEO of Bazaar.

“If the government decides to suspend Yahoo mail too, then we will lose 99% of our users and it’s not something that you can ignore easily.” Armandehi reiterated.

The Iranian government has yet to announce any time for unblocking Gmail and other Google services. Official announcements say the current blockade will continue until the further notice.

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