Boehner Invites Netanyahu Snubbing the White House

John Boehner the House Speaker invited Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel to address a full Congress.

Boehner did so without first consulting with the Obama administration, an apparent snub to the policy of President Obama over Iran negotiations.

Netanyahu said yes to the invitation. He will address the joint session of Congress on February 11, said on congressional aide who had spoken anonymously since the Israeli Embassy did not announce the decision publicly.

Boehner asked the prime minister to speak about the threats that the nuclear program in Iran poses and the rise in power of the Islamic State.

The invitation came one day after Obama’s State of the Union Address where Obama warned the new Congress against enacting any new economic sanctions on Iran.

Obama in his address on Tuesday said that any new Iran sanction passed by Congress would literally guarantee that diplomacy would fail, alienating the U.S. from its allies and making sure, that Iran starts its nuclear program again.

Obama added that he would veto any new Iran sanctions that threaten the undoing of the progress made with Iran about their nuclear program.

A spokesperson from the White House said that Boehner’s invitation to the prime minister of Israel had breached diplomatic protocol but the Obama administration would reserve judgment over the invitation until they could communicate with Israel about the message the prime minster will give.

Invitations to leaders of foreign countries to address a joint session of Congress are made often times in consultation with the State Department and the White House. However, that is not a requirement.

The White House spokesperson said that typically, a leader of a country contacts the White House prior to planning a visit to the U.S., but the announcement by Boehner was the first the Obama administration had heard about the address Netanyahu will make.

Netanyahu has addressed Congress on two occasions previously first on 2006 and again in 2011.

Republicans supported the move by Boehner. Ted Cruz a senator from Texas and a possible GOP presidential contender in 2016 tweeted that he welcomes the thoughts from one of the country’s great allies.

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