“Boycotting of Google is not Enough to Show our Protest”

Boycotting of Google is not Enough to Show our Protest

Mohammad Ghaderi, the editor in chief of Mellate Ma newspaper, believes blocking of Google, YouTube and Gmail is not enough for expressing disagreement and protest over the published anti-Islam film.

“Blocking and boycotting of Google services is a symbolic job but not that effective. We must assume it as the first movement of demonstrations. Muslim countries should produce content base on Islamic culture in order to show the beauties of this religion and reveal its real face.” said Mohammad Ghaderi, Iranian journalist.

“In fact Muslim countries cannot totally boycott Google’s services for a long time. But these actions taken by Muslims against Google show their hatred and they carry obvious message for the executives of this company. Some analysts say these movements incur fatal financial damages to Google but I refuse these claims.” Mohammad Ghaderi, former editor in chief of Tabnak website, added.

Ghaderi also criticized Google corporation over its anti-Islam policy and said, “Google usually delete and remove anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and anti-Holocaust clips from YouTube service in less than ten minutes. So how can’t they remove this anti-Islam film?” He also stated that the new battlefield is in cyber space.

Iranian government has blocked YouTube and Gmail.

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