Brigadier Mohammad Javadzadeh: Iran’s Cyber Police has Special Place in International Communities

Brigadier Mohammad Javadzadeh Kamand, Iran Police Acting Assistant

Brigadier Mohammad Javadzadeh Kamand, Iran Police Acting Assistant, lauds the major achievements of Iran’s Cyber Police and praised its ‘special’ place in international communities.

“Cyber threats are expanding and increasing on daily basis. The early and smart prediction of (Iran’s) police on two years ago formed the Cyber Police to monitor and combat the virtual crimes.” Brigadier Mohammad Javadzadeh Kamand said talking with the official website of Cyber Police.

“During the last two years, Iran’s Cyber Police has earned a special place among police specialized divisions. By taking the further measures, the Cyber Police in Iran has also earned a great place in international communities. This major achievement is a result of hiring expert officers in this field who are committed to their job.” Mohammad Javadzadeh Kamand added.

“It is noteworthy that the Iran’s Cyber Police has discovered more online crime records in compare to international average. We are going to increase the activities of Cyber Police by employing more experts who can help us to do our missions better. Iranian people are also pleased by the Iran’s Cyber Police and this shows their trust toward Cyber division of Iran police.” NAJA Acting Assistant concluded.

A few days ago Iran’s Deputy Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Radan also admired the place of Cyber division in Iran.

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