Cabinet in Egypt Abruptly Resigns Shocking Many

On Monday, Hazem el-Beblawi the Prime Minister of Egypt announced that his cabinet had resigned, marking another shift for the nation that has been hit by economic and political uncertainty and insurgency.

Beblawi did not offer a reason for the cabinet’s decision to resign, but the move has come as a big surprise and shock to many.

However, the complete resignation by the cabinet opens the door for the powerful commander of the military Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, a Field Marshal, who is also the first deputy prime minister and defense minister to run for the presidency.

The current cabinet and Beblawi were appointed in July of last year, after the military, led by al-Sissi ousted then President Mohammed Morsi, who was the first president of Egypt to be democratically elected.

Reshuffling of cabinets in Egypt have occurred quite frequently over three years of unrest politically in Egypt since 2011, when the popular uprising known as Arab Spring helped end the rule of 30 years by Hosni Mubarak.

However, analysts are saying the country has moved over the last eight months back to the profile of military autocracy.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other Morsi supporters have been cracked down upon heavily, which has effectively eradicated the organization that once was the most organized political force in the country.

Critics are deriding the country’s interim president and its government as just puppets of the leadership of the military. There have been rumors circulating about a cabinet reshuffle after last month’s vote by Egyptians to approve a new constitution that was military backed.

One expert on Egyptian affairs said it is typical of the entire cabinet to resign during a reshuffling, but that most members would be reappointed to their same positions.

Sissi, who holds the highest rank in the military at field marshal, has signaled he would compete for the presidential elections that are upcoming this spring.

Most believe the election will be easily won by Sissi as he has vast popularity and because of the state’s heavy crackdown, many of the formidable opponents of the military are currently in jail so he would face virtually no competition.

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