Cairo University Blasts Kill Two

A number of explosions on Wednesday outside of Cairo University have killed two including on police brigadier general said security officials there, in what appears to be another militant attack in an insurgency that is growing rapidly.

No individual or organization claimed responsibility for the blast. However, Islamist militants have done similar ones against security forces since Mohamed Morsi, the former President and member of the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted in July of last year following mass street protests countrywide against him.

The insurgency is threatening the security in the most populated Arab nation prior to the May presidential election. It is also threatening the all-important tourist industry of which the country relies on a great deal for much needed revenue.

Two bombs that had been planted amongst trees near the university killed one police officer while wounding five security forces that were guarding the facility, said Egyptian officials.

A short time later, a third bomb blast killed another person, said officials.

People ran screaming from the area following the two bomb attacks as panic spread through the streets and onto the university campus in an upper scale area close to the zoo. Police located another bomb in the vicinity.

Video online showed smoke clouds hovering over the area near the school that is lined with trees. A loud blast could be heard just moments later.

Security forces dressed in black could be seen moving from the site of the blasts and then moving back towards it with weapons drawn.

Shooting and bombings targeting security forces are now commonplace throughout Egypt since Morsi was deposed by the army.

This week the government put the total deaths from such attacks at close to 500, of which most were police and soldiers.

Analysts predict militants will increase the violence prior to the presidential election of May 26-27 that most feel will be won easily by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who is the army general that led the toppling of Morsi.

Sisi enjoys support from those who see the general as the savior of Egypt who can bring an end to the turmoil politically and return prosperity to Egyptians.

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  1. This is getting out of hand. Why are they targeting universities now? I lost a good friend years ago in Baghdad for the same reason and I’ve never been so devastated my whole life, so reading news like this makes me sympathize with the victims’ friends and family. Just stop this. Lives of innocent peoples are being lost.

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