Call for Departure of Syria President by the White House

U.S. President Barack Obama has said he is determined to achieve his goal of a political transition for Syria that includes the departure of current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

President Obama’s remarks came after he had talks with Qatar’s Emir who was visiting the White House in Washington and after the issue of the use of chemical weapons by the Syria regime became headlines once again around the world.

Obama said that he and Qatar Emir Shiekh Hamad bin Khalifa  Al-Thani spoke at length about Syria amongst other issues.

The U.S. has cooperated closely with many countries including Qatar in seeking an end to the bloody conflict-taking place in Syria, the removal of the current regime and a way to usher in democracy to Syria with a group that represents everyone in the country and respects the rights of all.

Obama said the U.S. would step up its support for the opposition forces inside Syria and would coordinate strategies to help bring a more peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria.

White House officials recently announced the country would give another $123 million in aid of a non-lethal form to the rebels in Syria.

Obama would not respond to a question about remarks made by an intelligence officer from Israel who said Assad’s regime had already used chemical weapons against the rebels.

Itai Brun a Brigadier General in Israel and the head of analysis and research for the military intelligence of Israel said it was their professional assessment that Assad has used chemical weapons.

Obama has said that any movement or use of chemical weapons would be the crossing of the red line and a game changer.

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