Car Bombings in Turkey Blamed on Assad Government of Syria

The government of Turkey says that groups with ties to Damascus were the ones that killed 46 people in the car bombings over the weekend. Syria denies any involvement in the incident.

On Sunday, Turkey blamed groups that had ties to the intelligence service of the Syria government for the two car bombs that took the lives of 46 people on Saturday in Reyhandli, which is a small town that borders Syria.

Officials in Turkey announced that nine people had been arrested in the incidents. All nine were citizens of Turkey, including the alleged bombing’s mastermind.

Muammer Guler, the interior minister of Turkey, said the ministry’s investigation showed that the two bombs, which caused damage to more than 60 vehicles, 300 homes and 500 shops, were the responsibility of a terrorist group that had close contact with the intelligence agency of Syria’s government.

No evidence was published by the Turkish government over the ties to the Syrian government, but the Interior ministry announced that suspects who had been arrested confessed to having links to the intelligence services of Syria’s government.

The government of Turkey said the two blasts were carried to try to destabilize and sow discord in Turkey.

The bombings on Saturday were one of the deadliest attacks of terrorism ever carried out in Turkey.

The bombings took place as Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Prime Minister of Turkey prepares for a meeting with U.S. President Barrack Obama Thursday in Washington.

Amidst the many calls to respond to the bombings, the government leaders in Turkey vowed to punish the people responsible, but also called for their people to have restraint.

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