Carlos Queiroz: Defeating South Korea was one of my Best Experiences

Carlos Queiroz Defeating South Korea was one of my Best Experiences

The Portuguese head coach of Iran national football team, Carlos Queiroz, said defeating South Korea at Tehran’s Azadi stadium in front of 100,000 fans was one of the best experiences in his career. Team Melli win over South Korea in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday. Iran was reduced to 10 men but players did their best to beat Koreans.

“There was an exemplary unity between players and technical cadre in our team. But we have yet to achieve our goal. When you have a clear and determined object, you will not stop your job until you accomplish the mission. The main issue is that we must have a look at our goal.” Carlos Queiroz said during a live television show.

More than 100,000 Iranians attended the Azadi stadium to support Team Melli against South Korea. Carlos Queiroz believes the atmosphere was “fantastic”. “It was one of the best days in my career. It was excising and beautiful and I want to thank people for their presence. I had experienced many football matches in my coaching career but this experience was unique one.”

The Singaporean referee of the game ousted¬† Carlos Queiroz from Iran’s bench. “The referee didn’t want to accept his mistakes. The South Korean players were trying hard to hurt our players but the experienced referee of the match ignore their activities. I didn’t want to express my objection to referee but I felt it was better to protest.”

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