Clashes Flare Up as Israel Searches for Teens

Clashes between Israel soldiers and Palestinians have become more and more common of late. However, over the past few days it has become a daily event.

Israeli forces are searching for three teens, one of which is an American citizen, who were kidnapped while in the West Bank. The Israeli forces and hundreds of Palestinians clashed overnight in the area where the three teens were last seen.

Officials at a nearby hospital announced Thursday morning that three people who were Palestinians had been wounded by bullets during violence in the city of Jenin, where serious fighting had taken place over 10 years ago during an uprising by the Palestinians.

The military of Israel released a statement on Thursday saying that their soldiers had been fired upon by Palestinians.

The statement said the soldiers responded with live fire. While exiting Nablus, soldiers had rocks and explosive device hurled at them.

Several of the rioters had been detained by Israeli forces, said the statement.

Since the three youths went missing over 280 Palestinians have been detained by Israeli forces. The three disappeared a week ago.

Israel said that 200 of the more than 280 arrested were Hama operatives. Hamas is a militant group in charge of the Gaza Strip and signed an agreement with Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinian President to operate under a unity government.

Isreali Defense Forces have said that more than 100 locations had been searched and over 10 operations carried out against Hamas’ civilian lifeline that Israel says recruits, disseminates information and helps with cash flow.

Hamas announced their pleasure with the kidnapping last week, but stopped short at claiming any responsibility.

Daniel Shapiro the U.S. Ambassador to Israel visited the home of the American teen who is missing and pledged the support of the White House administration in locating the three teens.

Shapiro said the U.S. was encouraging continued cooperation between the security forces of both Israel and the Palestinians. The U.S., said Shapiro, offered full assistance with anything the country could do and any information that could be shared that might help in the search for the three missing teens.

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