Coalition Led by the U.S. Bombards Islamic State

The coalition that is led by the United States pounded areas held by the Islamic State on Thursday and Friday with over 39 airstrikes, including over a dozen just in and around the town of Kobani in Syria, which has become a flashpoint along the border with Turkey.

On Thursday alone, Kobani was hit with 13 airstrikes. Kobani is known in Arabic as Ain al-Arab and the strikes by coalition forces destroyed 17 of the Islamic State fighting positions, along with buildings held by the militant group, staging areas as well as a vehicle, said the coalition in a prepared statement released late Friday.

On Friday, 4 coalition airstrikes destroyed 3 buildings that IS held along with two vehicles that had been in that area.

The prepared statement, which updated a report released earlier by the Defense Department in the U.S., fixed the erroneous statement by the defense department that had said all the airstrikes had taken place on Friday and that the total airstrikes count in the offensive had been 31.

Fighting over possession of Kobani started back in the middle of September when jihadists moved into the town to take it over as it is a strategic area so close to the border of Turkey.

The coalition group launched its first airstrikes against IS inside Syria back on September 23.

Over the two-day period, there were 19 strikes inside Syria by the coalition’s bomber and fighter aircraft along with drones.

Coalition raids struck IS tactical units as well.

Inside Iraq, the U.S. led coalition forces carried out another 20 airstrikes with 15 on Thursday mostly in the Anbar and Ninevah area, two of the big fronts in the battle to stop IS and five on Friday in the same two provinces.

Those strikes helped to destroy a rocket system of IS and equipment, vehicles, a fighting position, a modular refinery and mortar position.

Jets as well as drones targeted tactical units of IS as well and one checkpoint they had set up.

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