Coalition To Fight ISIS Faces Numerous Difficulties

A coalition of Iraqi soldiers, Kurdish pesh merga fighters, and American advisers are attempting to roll back the territorial gains of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and make it safe for the refugees from the conflict areas to return home. The militant fighters have been advancing across the Middle East, taking territory in Syria and Iraq to create their own Islamic state. The completion of the task will almost certainly require a significant number American Special Operations forces on the ground, although the White House has been reluctant to admit this.

The American advisors are tasked with providing tactical advice to Iraqi troops and calling in airstrikes on ISIS targets. The American advisors will also establish and train additional national guard units. There are already a number of these American advisors on the ground in Iraq to help the Iraqi battalions in their fight to hold control of the country.

The coalition will face numerous difficulties in their task. Cooperation between the members of the coalition is hampered by the fact that each of the three units speak different languages and have different military strategies. The lack of Sunni fighters willing to fight against ISIS is one of the biggest issues that the coalition has faced, leading to Shiite army fighters securing mainly Sunni areas.

The Iraqi military has proven ineffective against the ISIS fighters time and time again. It is almost certain that the situation will devolve into urban warfare in the streets of the cities of northern Iraq. The Americans have had trouble using this tactic before, most notably when fighting to regain control of Mosul, Baquba and Baghdad during the Iraq war.

Another issue is the inadequacy of the Iraqi air force in the fight. Their air force equipment is much less precise than American equipment at targeted airstrikes, imperiling the surrounding civilian population. In an effort to reduce civilian casualties, the Iraqi military will have limited firepower and will not conduct airstrikes near populated areas. In order to target the airstrikes properly, the Kurdish forces will pinpoint the ISIS targets and pass the information to the Americans and Iraqis stationed at an operations center in Erbil.

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