Comments by Netanyahu over Settlement Anger Israelis and Palestinians

With more than half of the nine months that John Kerry the United States Secretary of State originally allotted for the peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel over, and a rumored plan by the Americans nearing, a scrambling to grab a foothold appears to be underway.

Kerry, while speaking over the weekend in Davos during the World Economic Forum, cautioned both Israel and the Palestinians of what consequence they would face if the peace talks fail.

Kerry said it would virtually be impossible for Israel to stay democratic and Jewish adding the status quo would not last forever.

With the Palestinians, Kerry said they would still be just as far away from sovereignty or taking control of their own economy and fate. If statehood is not achieved how, there will be no guarantee of another chance in the near future.

Kerry added that some fell this might be the last opportunity for peace, but he does not want to find out the hard way.

Both sides are increasingly digging in, toughening their positions, while quick to point fingers of blame.

At the same time, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, who is in Davos as well, said he did not intend to remove one settlement or uproot one Jew. At the start, his comments met with right wing approval in Israel. The side opposed to removing any settlements.

However, on Sunday, a government official who was unnamed briefed the press. He clarified the Netanyahu’s comments by saying the Prime Minister meant the settlers would receive a choice to remain in their residences and live in a state that would be Palestinian in the future.

If that was meant to be heard by Palestinian ears, it caused the desired reaction from Saeb Erekat, the chief negotiator for the Palestinians who said the Palestinians would not accept one settler in their state.

The comments backfired as well in Netanyahu’s coalition, which underscores the delicate political composition, which sparked a fiery exchange.

Naftali Bennett the economy minister accused the Prime Minister of irrational loss of values saying Jews the Jewish people did not want an Israel to live under the rule of Palestinians.

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