Contraband Cosmetic Products Threatens Consumer Health in Iran

Contraband Cosmetic Products Threatens Consumer Health in Iran

Smuggling cosmetic items in Iran is one of the most profitable businesses but using these products can threaten the consumer’s health.

“Those cosmetic-health items that promoted via satellite channels beside smuggled items usually threaten the consumer health.” said Mohammad Reza Paknejad, the chief of Association for Cosmetic Dealers in Isfahan.

Paknejad encourages customers to buy homemade cosmetic items instead of buying the foreigner-made ones. “If Iranians buy the homemade health and cosmetic items then they will guarantee their healthcare. People must note that Iranian products now can compete with foreigner items and they have high qualities. If Iranians increased their knowledge on this subject then they will tend to buy local items.”

Importing cosmetic products to Iran is highly restricted. Items must obtain standard quality from Iranian laboratories which is very hard. Also importing this kind of products is limited to items famous brands. So importers prefer to smuggle fake brands and items to country which result in more profits. Iranian women spend millions of Dollars annually to buy cosmetic products.

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