Coordinated Attacks Raise Tensions In Israel

Four attacks in Jerusalem and another city 40 miles away have increased tensions across Israel between Palestinians and Israelis. Three Israelis were killed and more than 20 were wounded in the attacks.

Two Palestinians armed with a gun and a knife shot and stabbed passengers on a bus in East Jerusalem. Police officers killed one of the bus attackers and wounded the other.

Minutes after the bus attack, pedestrians at a bus stop in West Jerusalem neighborhood were struck by a Palestinian worker for the Israeli telephone company driving a company vehicle. He then got out of the car to hack at the victims with a meat cleaver. A security guard fatally shot the phone company worker.

Two stabbings occurred in Ra’anana, a suburban city northeast of Tel Aviv. The Palestinian perpetrators in both attacks were captured, according to a statement from the police. As part of their punishment, perpetrators from Jerusalem would have their right to live in the city revoked and the property of those who committed the attacks would be confiscated.

Four stabbings also occurred a day earlier. In one of the incidents, a 13-year-old Israeli Jew was critically wounded by two Palestinian cousins who stabbed him as he was riding his bicycle. The older assailant was fatally shot by officers and the younger one was severely hurt by a car as he tried to flee.

The government released a statement saying that it had authorized the police “to impose closures on, or to surround, centers of friction in Jerusalem.”Army units are being deployed to help the police in cities and along roads. The U.S. State Department has called on both sides to restore calm and prevent the further escalation of tensions.

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