Court Adjourns Mubarak and Muslim Brotherhood Hearings

Three leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the former foe of the movement Hosni Mubarak face separate trials on charges of being involved with the killing of people who were protesting.

With the army back in power in Egypt over the overthrown in July of Muslim Mohamed Morsi, media in Egypt seized upon the symbolism of the scheduling of the two separate trials on the same day.

However, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie and his aides did not show up at the start of the trial for reasons of security, said a source in the judiciary.

The judge, citing the absence of Badie and his aides, adjourned the hearing until late October.

The case against the member of the Muslim Brotherhood relates to the unrest that took place prior to Morsi being removed by the army July 3. Morsi is still detained in an unknown location by the army.

Over 1,000 people including more than 100 police and soldiers have died during the violence throughout Egypt since the ouster of Morsi, which is the bloodiest civil unrest the 60-year republic has ever had.

Mubarak, who on Thursday, left prison after the court ordered his release, appeared on Saturday in a court cage sitting in a wheelchair, dressed in white and wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Court officials have said that after a near 3-hour hearing, the judge adjourned the session until September 14.

Mubarak was sentenced to a term of life in prison for his complicity in the murder of protesters during the revolt of 2011 against him. However, an appeals court has ordered a retrial.

The soon to be trial of the leaders of the Brotherhood signals the new rulers in Egypt, who are backed by the army, intend to punish the group they portrayed as a violent one with terrorist ties bent on ruining the security of the state.

Following the change of power in 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood won five straight votes. It says it is a peaceful group and has been targeted unjustly by army general used to oust Morsi, the first freely elected Egyptian leader.

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