Cuba Backs Bid for Asylum of Snowden

Edward Snowden, the leaker of U.S. intelligence won support from the Caribbean Island nation of Cuba for his attempt at seeking asylum from a Latin American country.

Snowden started his third week on Monday in the transit area of an international airport in Moscow.

From Russia, Cuba is one of Snowden’s key transit points on a journey to Latin America. Cuba supported the leaders of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia, who all have offered the 30-year old American asylum as he continues to be trapped without identification documents needed for travel in the Moscow airport transit area.

Raul Castro, the leader of Cuba, said his country supported the sovereign rights of Venezuela and other regional states to give asylum to a person being persecuted for their ideals.

Castro was speaking to the national assembly of Cuba, but did not say whether his country would also grant asylum to the American.

Many obstacles continue to hamper the former NSA contractor’s hopes for asylum. It still is unclear how he could leave Russia, even if he is granted asylum by all three of the countries.

The Kremlin is keeping the Snowden ordeal at arm’s length declining to say to anyone if the U.S. man would be able to leave even though his passport is no longer valid.

If Snowden were allowed to leave by Russian authorities without his legal papers in order, he could conceivably fly to Havana, as it was suspected he would do on June 24 when he first arrived in the country.

With the support now official from Castro in Cuba and from President Maduro in Venezuela, Snowden’s only obstacle is receiving the authorized paperwork allowing him to leave Russia.

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