Delta Force Nabs Figure from Embassy Bombings

Special Forces from the U.S. performed a Saturday raid in Libya’s capital and captured a leader of al-Qaeda linked to the bombing of an American Embassy in 1998 in Africa. The leader was wanted in the U.S. for over a decade, said officials.

The Pentagon said the leader of al-Qaeda captured was Nazih Abdul-Hamid al-Ruqai, also known through his alias as Anas al-Libi. The terrorist’s capture represents another substantial blow to the remains of the terrorist organization, which once was led by the late Osama bin Laden.

George Little the chief spokesperson for the Pentagon said that al-Libi was currently being detained by the military form the U.S. in a location that was secure outside the country of Libya.

A military official from the U.S. said the early morning raid had been carried out with members of Delta Force from the U.S. Army, which has the responsibility in Northern Africa for counterterrorism operations.

Members of the family said the gunmen had been in a convoy of three cars that took al-Libi when he was outside his Tripoli home. It is believed that al-Libi returned during the civil war in Libya in 2011 that caused Muammar Qaddafi’s to be ousted as dictator.

Nabih, his brother, said al-Libi, who is 49, was parking his car outside his home following dawn prayers, at which time the vehicles encircled a-Libi’s car.

The gunmen than smashed the window of the car and seized al-Libi’s gun before taking him into custody. His brother said al-Libi’s wife witnessed the kidnapping through her bedroom window and said the men looked to be armed commandos who were foreign born.

A U.S. official, requesting anonymity, said no casualties were suffered by Delta Forces.

Al-Libi was on the most-wanted list for the FBI with a bounty of $5 million.

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