Deputy Communications and Technology Minister: Iran has not Operated any Cyber Attacks against Other Countries

Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Communications and Technology Minister

Recently the security analysts in the United States and Israel have accused Iran for operating cyber attacks to other countries.  Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Communications and Technology Minister, completely refused these claims against Islamic Republic.

“We believe that no cyber attacks should be done on virtual space and we strongly oppose with these actions. Until now, our country has not operated any cyber attack to other countries. However as far as we know, some hackers abuse Iranian IPs and use our infrastructures to design their attacks.” Ali Hakim Javadi said.

“Also we have tracked attacks from countries which are our friends (China) but we don’t blame China for these attacks. This also happens for Iranian IPs too but note that we don’t operate any cyber attacks locally.” Hakim Javadi added but he refused to clear that which countries are misusing Iranian IPs. Iranian government used to criticize the United States and Israel for all the cyber attacks to local infrastructures but Ali Hakim Javadi didn’t refer to ‘Western’ countries.

“Cyber terrorism is a new threat to world so we should try to find the best solution to repel it.” Ali Hakim Javadi concluded.

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