DR Tahmoures Shiri: Social Network Websites are Dangerous for the Future of Young Generation

Social Network Websites are Dangerous for the Future of Young Generation

DR Tahmoures Shiri, Vice-Chancellor for Education of Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, said some social network websites have negative effects of the life of young generation and can pose many threats to their type of living. According to estimations, Iranians have more than 6 million registered accounts only in Facebook which is officially blocked in the country.

“Social network websites can cause subjectivism and disillusionment among young people. This is a great threat to their lives in future. There are many reasons and elements attract users to open account in these websites. Using these channels for communication has become a fashion job between young users. I have seen many people asking each other if they had accounts in Facebook or Twitter. Some users want to take political and economical advantages from these networks too.” said Tahmoures Shiri, Iranian sociologist.

“Social network websites have provided a unique space for Iranians. They can easily and freely share their ideas and express their agreement with everything they like. The current community of Iran cannot respond to this requirement of the young generation so they prefer to use virtual spaces.” Tahmoures Shiri added.

A lot of people in all over the world are using social network websites but analysts believe Iranians use these channels with different usages and intentions. Iranian government has blocked most of the popular social network websites in the country but Iranians use different methods to bypass these restrictions.

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